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Our Story 

Brandi Harris


Classroom Guide

When I finished college in 2004, I never imagined I'd be a stay at home mom and definitely never a homeschool mom! Little did I know that God had other plans for me. In 2012, I started homeschooling my oldest daughter who is now 17 after we went through a trying public school experience. She had tested into 3rd grade level in math and reading while she was in Kindergarten. We realized the public school system was not geared to handle any differences in learning and started to homeschool as a temporary fix until 3rd grade when she could begin the gifted program.


When we started homeschooling, I began seeking out training to best equip me with the method of teaching I love and that my daughters thrived in: Charlotte Mason & Montessori. Over 11 years later, we're still homeschooling and preparing for our oldest to begin her journey at the University of Alabama in summer 2024! 

Our journey led me to go through Montessori teacher training first as an auditing student in a 3-6 year old training program, and then to earn certification as a 9-12 year old Montessori Teacher. Through the years I've taught hobby classes, core required classes, and even adult classes.  I've seen miracles happen as children's self esteems were increased in our programs. My husband and I have mentored other families and new homeschooling parents, led co-op classes, and tutored students struggling with reading and math.


Our family has grown through the years and so has our homeschool.  Our little family has grown in to a big family of eight! After COVID, we decided to allow new families to join our small group and expand our services through tutoring. The response has been much more than we anticipated! We are very excited to see what God has in store for Mooresville Montessori!

Mrs. Harris and her youngest daughters
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