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Student led projects


We are a faith based program, following a Montessori Style Method of teaching. 

Our learning environment is unique in that we can offer many hands on learning experiences indoors and outdoors. We have a  year round creek, an abundance of wildlife, and domesticated animals! Our group loves learning new life skills including woodworking, growing a garden, cooking, sewing, and caring for animals. 

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Classroom Gardening


Our mission is to  create lifelong learners who have the confidence to learn new things and become independent, well rounded adults.  As Maria Montessori  put it "Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to 'make him learn things’ but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called the intelligence." 

We strive to create a learning experience that fosters the children's self esteem, encourages awe of God's world around them, and fosters a life long love of learning.   Get in touch to learn more about Mooresville Montessori.

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Learning through exploration


Maria Montessori's education philosophy has been tested for over 100 years and all over the world in many diverse cultures. 

At Mooresville Montessori, we believe: 

  •  Each Child should be valued as an unique individual.  

  • Children can develop order, coordination, concentration, and independence from an early age. 

  •  A mutli-age classroom allows older students to flourish as mentors and role models and younger students to feel supported and gain confidence. 

  • Students should enjoy freedom within limits. 

  • Guides prepare environments that give  students freedom within limits, the tools to work and conduct experiments, and the ability to answer their own questions. 

  • Tools of self-correction and self-assessment are integral to a true Montessori approach. These tools allow students to build self esteem, look at their own work critically, and become proficient at  recognizing, correcting, and learning from errors in their work. 

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